Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Hello from Globe

Hello everyone.  We all miss you guys and are thankful for your prayers and support.  Unfortunately our internet service hasn't been very good so we haven't been able to post as much as would like.  The kids are all working really hard both in construction and doing the bus ministry.  The weather has been colder than expected we actually saw a few flurries today on the job sight.  Hopefully we will have a few kids blog tonight and post a few pictures.  Please be praying for the team but also for the people we are serving along side and the people we are serving.  We love and miss you all.

God Bless,
The Arizona Team

Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 26/March 27

Happy Easter friends and family! It is Esther here and I am deeply sorry that we were unable to blog yesterday but Summer and I will be covering both days for your reading pleasure! Yesterday we worked oh so very hard at a garden in the city. We volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul where we mulched, weeded, trash picked, and watered their garden. I am so extremely proud of every single member on the team for working so hard and so selflessly despite the Arizona sun beating down on us. We finished our day off at Ghost Town, a tourist attraction where we tried soda made of cactus (yuck!) and a few of the boys enjoyed a mine tour. Today for Easter Sunday we had an awesome experience at Scottsdale Bible Church. They had a prayer walk themed around the resurrection of Christ. I found it emotionally difficult to walk through. There were nails where we could hammer into a board and the physical imagery of a nail larger than my thumb piercing into the hands of Christ shook me to my core. There was also a cross that I could barely lift on my own and it brought life to the resurrection story I had heard my whole life. It was a humbling experience and I wish I could have packed it up and flew it home to New Jersey for our fellow students to experience. We are packing up now to drive over to Globe to start our next ministry for the next few days on the reservation. Send us some Jersey love and prayer for safety, good health, and servant hearts.

Happy Easter to everyone! It is Summer and I am sharing my experience about these two days. The day we worked at St. Vincent De Paul was so winsome for me. Although everyone kind of sweated, still, none of us complained about the Arizona zeal sunshine. I am so enthralled by the team work at the garden. And the rest of the day was half fun day at Ghost Town. Because I am an International student from China, the cultural constructions caught my eyes so much. I learned a lot about America, such as the country style, which is not only just about NJ or NYC. Today, we went to Scottsdale Bible Church for Easter Sunday. The prayer walk about the resurrection is so winsome for me too. And I feel like God has his own plan for every single one of us. For the rest of the mission trip, he will always stay with us and lend us do what he want us to do, see how humanity he created among us, find our own intention and meaning for our life.
The Cross at the Prayer Walk
Hammer and Nail at the Prayer Walk
Piling mulch to spread out into the garden

Collecting trash in the garden compound

Weeding at the garden

Cactus Soda!
Watering the plants at the garden

Cupcakes baked by Mrs. Tuley
Happy Easter from the Arizona Team!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Good evening from Arizona.  Our team is finally all together including Dara.  After an event evening last night and early this morning, Dara finally arrived to Phoenix this afternoon.  The team has settled in at Virginia Tuley's house for the next several days and we are enjoying our time together as we prepare as a team to head to Globe on Sunday evening.  Today was a day of historical sightseeing and instead of the team leaders sharing, we have asked two students to share their experiences from today.

Evening everyone it's Torie!!! Today we did some sightseeing in Tucson. We visited San Xavier del Bac church which was absolutely beautiful!!! We hiked to the top of a mountain near the church to see an extraordinary view. There was also a cross statue at the top that said "God bless the entire world. No exceptions". I thought that saying was extremely powerful and also sent a very important message to those who visit there.  The weather today was absolutely amazing I feel like summer started early. Arizona is breathtaking!!! So far I've seen enough cacti to fill my entire life's quota. Between the beautiful landscape and the amazing people on this trip I'm extremely excited to see what God has in store this week!!! Talk to you guys soon.

Evening everyone it's Nick!!! As was mentioned we went sightseeing in Tucson, we first visited an old church, the oldest in Arizona. We ate flatbread, which is basically funnel cake. then was lunch, and off to the Tucson desert museum.  The desert museum had lots of animals native to the desert lands, peregrine falcons, raptors, mountain lions, all sorts of animals. We spent most of the day there, and after a very long car ride back to the Tuley's house, we had dinner, devotions and now blog writing time! Im having fun, and looking forward to the rest of the week.

We miss everyone at home in New Jersey and thank you so very much for your continued prayer and support.  Have a wonderful Saturday and we will post tomorrow night with an update on Saturday's adventures.

God Bless,

The Arizona Mission Team